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Blue Sun Metal Art

Blue Sun Metal Art

Papillon Enterprises

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Introducing the captivating Blue Sun Metal Art, a one-of-a-kind piece of wall decor that brings a touch of Haitian craftsmanship into your home. Each steel drum artwork is meticulously hand-hammered and chiseled by talented metalworkers in Haiti, resulting in a remarkable and distinct creation. As no two pieces are the same, you can be sure that your Blue Sun Metal Art is truly unique and a testament to the artisan's skill.

Measuring 23 inches in diameter, these stunning art pieces are crafted from upcycled steel drums, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and resourcefulness. The vibrant blue hues and intricate sun design are painted and sealed, ensuring longevity and making it a great conversation piece that adds a burst of color and creativity to any space.

When you choose to display the Blue Sun Metal Art in your home, you not only enhance your surroundings with exceptional artistry but also support the hardworking craftsmen behind these extraordinary pieces. Embrace the beauty, originality, and cultural richness of Haitian metal art while empowering the artisans who bring it to life.

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