Papillon Marketplace

Papillon was founded by CEO Shelley Jean after she spent a week in an orphanage in Haiti and realized that all of the children in the orphanage were not in fact orphans, but rather children who had been relinquished by their mothers and fathers due to economic hardship. She sent her heart on creating sustainable and fair work for mothers and fathers in Haiti to be able to earn a living wage in order to keep their children. Papillon provides paid training and employment to women and men in artisan handicrafts in Haiti.

Our relationship with Papillon Marketplace

We've known the folks over at Papillon Enterprises since 2015, and can attest to their impact in the lives of the employees that produce the products we source from them.

The empowerment their employees receive through Papillon's programs highlights and promotes their inherent dignity by offering them the opportunity to create beautiful works of art they're proud of and to provide a stable income for their families.

  • Why Papillon?

    "Papillon" is the French word for Butterfly, a symbol of endurance, change, hope, and life. This encapsulates the vision of Papillon Enterprises as they've been create life altering opportunities for their staff dating back to .

    Every time you purchase Papillon's products, you help provide the opportunity of a lifetime for mothers and fathers in Haiti.

  • Orphan Prevention Through Job Creation

    Pappilon pays a living wage (2-3 times the minimum wage). This wage allows for our artisans to be able to shelter, feed, and send their children to school.

  • Natural & Sustainable

    As much as is possible, we source all of our supplies locally. Varnish, glue, paper, unprocessed clay, and raw metals are all purchased locally in order to stimulate the Haitian economy further and create more jobs. What we cannot buy locally, we import solely for the sake of exporting. We also have 80 solar panels that we use for electricity at our production facility in Haiti.