Did you know your gifts can change lives?

Did you know your gifts can change lives?

As we move through the holiday season, it's important to remember that for many people, the holidays are a time of hope and a chance to start anew. This is especially true for survivors of human trafficking, forced displacement, and those living in extreme poverty.

Having a dignified job can make a huge difference in the lives of these individuals. A job provides not only a source of income but also a sense of purpose and belonging. It can help those at-risk rebuild their lives and regain their dignity, while offering a pathway out of poverty and a chance to improve their quality of life.

But the impact of a dignified job goes beyond just the individual. It also has a positive effect on families and communities. When people in these contexts have dignified & sustainable jobs, they are able to support their families, send their kids to school, and offer help to others. This kind of healthy economic development results in more resilient, thriving communities, and it's why Work of Worth exists.  

This holiday season, join us in remembering the importance of supporting the employment of those desperate for a brighter future, and consider making this holiday season the year you give your loved ones #giftsthatgiveback.   Every purchase you make directly supports artisans working with organizations focused on creating these kinds of opportunities.  

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