A Great Fit: A new partnership is driving the revival of Work of Worth

A Great Fit    February 2022

It was the natural intersection of a growing nonprofit Christian organization committed to developing at risk communities around the world, and a fledgling group of passionate entrepreneurs utilizing the power of commerce to help free oppressed people, which led to a shared mission of transformation between Tying Vines, Inc. and Work of Worth International. 

Tying Vines was born out of the shared desire among a small group of friends to provide aid and hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable. What started with a few small projects in 2011, has now grown into a thriving, diverse network that focuses on meeting the physical, social, economic, and spiritual needs of many people suffering around the world.  Today, Tying Vines facilitates humanitarian programs which address the needs of orphans and widows, provide healthcare for the sick, offer trauma counseling to those fleeing war-torn areas, and support impoverished communities with education, vocational training, and small-business development.  Rooted in an authentic faith and a heart for the hurting, Tying Vines endeavors to provide tangible help and hope to those who need it most.

The acquisition of Work of Worth International in 2021 from its’ original founders fits beautifully with the vision of Tying Vines.  As we re-launch the marketplace of Work of Worth, it will be nourished by an ongoing commitment and dedication of coming alongside vulnerable people groups.  Look for the introduction of new products from a variety of countries at fair prices which help to sustain artisans and grow healthy communities. 

Enjoy shopping at WorkofWorth.com and know that your purchases will go a long way in supporting new growth around the world. 


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