Meet Arshad

Meet Arshad…

Arshad has an inventive spirit and the hands of a master craftsman. With a beaming smile and mind of strategy, he stands by ready. But Arshad has not always had such confidence. Arshad was an orphan, raised in a relative’s home, where his value was neither acknowledged nor affirmed. He grew up with a sense of inferiority, hiding the spark of creativity and intelligence residing within him. Outside of the confines of his troubled home, he allowed enough of his talents shine forth that his friends became aware of his cleverness.

After two of his childhood friends, who lived across the gully, grew-up and began to work in the fair trade factory that produces handicraft products, he was invited to join them. For the first year, Arshad remained in a fearful shell, unsure if this new “home” would be like his childhood home, full of harsh demands and unappreciated work. But this new “home” was quite different.

After a year of affirmation in an empowering work atmosphere, he began to allow his problem-solving skills and imaginative abilities to be released into the work of the factory.

Since that time, Arshad has gained the admiration and respect of all his peers. Meanwhile, he tackles every new challenge with resourceful inventiveness and has managed to blossom as a skilled and esteemed artisan. Arshad’s sense of self-worth and ingenuity are also being invested in his own children, who are growing up in a very different home than the one in which he was raised. Arshad stands as an example of what is possible when the neglected and forgotten are empowered to develop into their full potential of individuality and fruitfulness.


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