Meet Anika


       The Light of Hope Learning Center is a beacon of light in a world of vulnerability and limited opportunities. In this world (Bangladesh), many girls are married off at a young age, but the girls at LOH instead have the luxury of attending school. They are taught a marketable skill, kept clean, and fed well. Many of these girls carry the burden of supporting their families, some even being the sole wage earner.

         Anika*, one of the younger girls at LOH, has a father who spends his time begging around mosques and other public places. She says he is “not right in the head.” Her mother works odd jobs. Anika is determined to pursue a different path for her own life. She is hard working and puts in long hours with her embroidery. She also takes home katha (a style of sewing) for her mother to work on. 

        The true value of Anika's time at Light of Hope is measured by all the things she isn’t doing. Anika isn’t begging like her father, in a brothel, or married in her young age. Through her learning environment, Anika is encouraged to claim her inherent worth and dignity every day. Truly LOH has impacted the trajectory of Anika’s family for generations to come.

 *name changed for safety purposes

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