Meet Purna

Purna Gahatay

In 1992, Purna's family had to flee to Nepal to escape violence and economic persecution. They resettled in a refugee camp, where they were not welcomed by the local population and were barred from work.
While living in the refugee camp, Purna's sister, Basanti, fell very ill. She was unable to speak or sleep, as she lay on the floor moaning.  Basanti's illness only got worse after her family took her to the hospital. Miraculously, Basanti recovered immediately after their family had a radical spiritual experience, and since then, their lives have never been the same.
In 2001, Purna married a man named Santi, and the two had their first two children, Sahil and Susan, in the refugee camp. In 2008, Purna and Santi were selected to relocate to the United States. Purna is still adjusting to the challenges of life in Clarkston, Georgia. Purna enjoys the financial help, spiritual community, and emotional support that Refugee Beads offers. She looks forward to a time when she can move her family into a house, learn to read and write English, and drive a car.

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