Meet Neda

       When Neda’s father left their family six years ago, her mother was left with the financial burden of paying the dowrys for her 5 daughters’ marriages. On top of that, there were school fees to pay and mouths to feed. Recognizing their need, Village Artisan trained them in beading, and helped them start their own jewelry company.   They have done a superb job over the past four years since this transpired, and now Nena and her mother provide Village Artisans with jewelry products that they are proud of. Neda’s mother shared this testament of hope with Village Artisan: “The greatest blessing for me is that, now, my whole family can work with me at home, and I haven’t had to send any one of my girls out to work!” Their diligent work has paid off, and now their jewelry business supports their entire family. They have much to be proud of!

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