Insights from Interning (with Olivia)


What interested you about WoW?

            I began to pursue an education in Social Entreneurship after spending Summer 2012 in India, where I saw a glaring need for opportunity in dignified business.  It was in business school at Samford University that I first heard of Work of Worth and learned about a pilot project in India.  It sounded like a perfect opportunity to bring hope in both tangible and intangible ways to the lives of the Indian people I cherish.  I knew I had to be a part of the endeavor and I couldn’t email my professor fast enough! 


What was the most rewarding part of the internship with WoW?

            The most rewarding part of my internship was to see founder Barry Morehead’s brainchild of an idea grow into a strategic plan that is brimming with momentum.  Along the way I have been freshly inspired by Barry’s passion for justice and dignity.  He isn’t satisfied with dreaming of solutions, he is willing to take the necessary risk and “do the doing.” 


What would be the top 1-2 things you learned about business from the internship with WoW?

Through working with Work of Worth, I learned more about International Business than I ever could in the classroom.  I now understand the importance of knowing your markets better than they know themselves.  In order to benefit our entrepreneurial partners, it’s our job as Work of Worth to import products that will appeal to Americans.

Secondly, Barry has taught me that the “sweet spot” for making the most effective and lasting change is to marry your skills and passions together. 


What do you see yourself doing in the future?

            I hope to continue with Work of Worth, traveling to places around the world, seeing business provide dignified opportunity. I've had days when I'm so excited about what's to come for Wow, I think I may need to run around the building!  I hope to one day see “Exporting Dignity” show up in America’s GDP!

Someone once told me that the way to avoid living a monotonous life is to live for others.  That is why I want to give my life’s work for the sake of people who don’t know they are worth helping, and to see love win.   


Olivia is now full-time staff on the Work of Worth team, as WoW's Chief Marketing Assistant. 


Have you interned recently? Tell us about your experience and what you learned!

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