Insights from Interning (with Ben)

We recently caught up with Ben Goolsby, who interned at Work of Worth in the Spring of 2014, helped win 4th place in a business plan competition, has now graduated and currently works at Enterprise, and is part owner of WoW. Join us as he gives insight and inspiration about internships and his experience with WoW earlier this year.

Q: What interested you about Work of Worth?

A: Work of Worth interested me at first because it seemed like such a phenomenal way to help people. We constantly struggle to find sustainable ways to help and WoW is exactly that. Our calling as believers is to go out and help the orphans and widows. WoW helps people GIVE THEMSELVES the tools to survive and provide for their families. My passion in life is to serve people. Work of Worth's very foundation is serving people.  

Q: What was the most rewarding part of the internship?

A: Throughout the past semester, I have had the pleasure of watching the beginnings of a business start-up. Through all of the struggles, trials, and triumphs, one of the most rewarding parts has simply been being apart of the process. Working with Barry and Kristi has also been very rewarding. They are a perfect mixture of visionary and practicality, working to make WoW all that it can be. 
Q: What would be the top 1-2 things you learned about business from the internship with WoW?
A: The top two things I learned about business were and are: 1) Business principles can be used for more than crunching numbers and filling tax returns (though both of those are good things), they can help change the world. 2) Starting a business is hard and there are lots of variables involved. It is a complex process and finding the right people to help you is key. 
Q: What do you see yourself doing in the future?
A: I see myself working for Work of Worth. Quite simply, that is where I want to be. In whatever capacity there is need, I am willing fill it. I want to help people.. and the values and principles of Work of Worth are set up to do exactly that.
We are honored to have Ben (far right) as part of the Work of Worth team and as part owner.
What do you think the most valuable part of interning would be? Want to intern with us? Email us and let us know! 
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