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While Work of Worth has no formal ties with the Business Development Center: Bangalore, the two organizations are working towards the same purpose and have a good, collaborative relationship that makes for some valuable networking as BDC graduates look to find importers to the West for their products.

One of the BDC’s Entrepreneur Program graduates is working to start a company that will produce yarn made out of used sari material, which WoW will then export to the U.S. for sale and distribution. The hope is that the production of that yarn will provide good, fair wage jobs to a fairly impoverished area of India, and that stateside consumers will have the opportunity to get some great quality, unique material that’s not readily available at present.

One BDC graduate had this to say (see the video for this as well):

“At the BDC the facilitators here and the entire training program really encourages entrepreneurs to have  a business that is able to transform culture, a business that is practical and scalable, and a business that is able to influence and impact communities through social initiatives, by supporting social causes, and so one. What the BDC does is it encourages entrepreneurs to have a social background to their business. And I think that’s one of the reasons why people should start businesses, is that people can start businesses where they’re giving back to people.”

- Jonathan Michael

  BDC Bangalore Alumni

  Owner, J Michael Clothing Line

That dedication to both quality training for entrepreneurs and to pursuing a transformative, social impact through business, each without sacrificing the other, is one of the reasons Work of Worth stands behind the BDC.

Check out BDC Bangalore’s Video below:

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