Giving Tuesday

We are honored to change the world while giving back on Giving Tuesday.

How are you giving back today? Take our partner in Bangladesh as an example...

Changing Generations...
Artisans: 50 women plus around 20 transitioning (42 children in day care plus around 13 transitioning.)
Community impact: In this society, the view would be there is no redemption or hope for women who have been exploited. Through their work and the transformation in their families, they do gain respect and often are reunited with their families if they had been rejected. They often will bring in other women and children to escape a pimp or trafficker or to have a fresh start.
Changing communities...
All the women participate in ongoing tutoring in topics such as Bangla literacy, English, Life skills, health and hygiene, parenting,... These are around 45 minutes each for 5 days per week.
All children receive tutoring and support in school. around seven children are in boarding schools and the fees are subsidized by our partner NGO.
We are passionate about creating more jobs for women to allow them to escape exploitation. We are in the process of forming a new partnership and setting up another training programme and production site. So many women in Bangladesh are eager for a life of job they are proud of. Sales allow us to continue to find new women eager for the opportunity of a dignified job.
YOU are a part of impacting change!! In honor of you and those we serve, we are offering 15% off during December. Use code "thanks" to redeem. Lives are being changed because of you and how you shop!! Thank you for #GivingTuesday!