About Us

Work of Worth imports and sells fair trade boutique style merchandise crafted by entrepreneurs from vulnerable communities around the world in order to promote the long-term success of these businesses.


Who We Are
We are an organization dedicated to utilizing the power of commerce to help free the oppressed throughout the world.
Why We Exist
Work of Worth (WoW) exists primarily as an import and distribution company, for the purpose of connecting entrepreneurs and businesses in vulnerable countries to the Western market. WoW implements a vetting process to ensure that each of our partners hold to a standard of ethical treatment and care for their employees.  We desire to promote and support individual freedom and a sense of personal dignity for every artisan.
Our Approach
  • We sell fair trade merchandise primarily online and occasionally at artisan venues and pop-up events. 
  • We implement a standard approval process with all business partners which focuses on inclusiveness, living wages, and the promotion of dignity within every artisan.  

Mission Statement 

Work of Worth empowers ethically-motivated, indigenous entrepreneurs by connecting their businesses to the global market.


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